PHOTOVIDEOBANK offers you an opportunity to reach and share your artistic work with all kinds of audience around the world.We greatly appreciate creativity and excelence among our team.
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Sale image / bitmap


The files must be convert to JPG format with at least 4 megapixels.



Vectors must be in EPS format with a maximum of 15MB.

Sale Videos


Videos must be in MXF format with 10 to 60 seconds.

Sell Audio Files

Audio Files

The files must be in WAV format with a maximum of 15MB.



The files must be in ZIP format with maximum 40MB.

Earnings Details

Products Commissions (%)
per downloads
Standard License Extended License
Photos 30% 35%
Illustrations 31% 36%
Videos 32% 37%
Animations 33% 38%
Audio 34% 39%

* In order to effect electronic payments, the user must accumulate fifty reais (R$ 50.00) per accounting period, or the equivalent amount in your country currency. Learn more at Terms of Use.